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Notification using kube prometheus stack



This article explains method of installing the helm chart kube-prometheus-stack in kubernetes cluster. Also, it describes how to configure kube-prometheus-stack to publish notification using email and slack channel to get insight from running kubernetes cluster.


Packages & Tools

Environment variables

export SMTP_HOSTNAME="smtp.mailtrap.io"
export SMTP_HOSTPORT="2525"
export SMTP_FROM="from@example.com"
export SMTP_USERNAME="username"
export SMTP_PASSWORD="password"
export SMTP_REQUIRE_TLS="true"
export SMTP_SKIP_SSL_VERIFY="false"
export LOG_LEVEL="debug"
export EMAIL_ADDRESS="to@example.com"
export SLACK_INCOMING_WEBHOOK_URL="https://hooks.slack.com/services/XXXX"
export SLACK_CHANNEL="#monitoring-test"
export HTTP_SCHEME="http"
export CLUSTER_FQDN="localnetwork.dev"
export ALERTMANAGER_EXTERNAL_HOST="localhost:9093"
export PROMETHEUS_EXTERNAL_HOST="localhost:9090"
export N_BYTES=50000000
export N_TIMES=30

Install Kube Prometheus Stack

Add helm repository and update charts.

helm repo add prometheus-community https://prometheus-community.github.io/helm-charts
helm repo update

Below command is used to download values.yaml and replace with environment variables.

curl -o values.raw.yaml https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bhuwanupadhyay/kubernetes-lab/main/notification-using-kube-prometheus-stack/values.yaml && \
envsubst < "values.raw.yaml" > "values.out.yaml" && rm -rf values.raw.yaml

Install kube-prometheus-stack chart.

helm upgrade --install --wait --timeout 600s prometheus prometheus-community/kube-prometheus-stack \
  --version 36.0.2 \
  --namespace monitoring --create-namespace \
  -f values.out.yaml

Port Forwarding


Kubectl port-forwarding can be used to connect to the grafana server without exposing the service.

kubectl port-forward svc/prometheus-grafana -n monitoring 8088:80

The grafana server can then be accessed using following url http://localhost:8088 You can simply retrieve grafana admin user and this user initial password using kubectl:

eval "echo \"username=$(kubectl get secret prometheus-grafana -n monitoring -o jsonpath='{.data.admin-user}' | base64 -d)\""
eval "echo \"password=$(kubectl get secret prometheus-grafana -n monitoring -o jsonpath='{.data.admin-password}' | base64 -d)\""


Kubectl port-forwarding can be used to connect to the prometheus server without exposing the service.

kubectl port-forward svc/prometheus-kube-prometheus-prometheus -n monitoring 9090:9090

The prometheus server can then be accessed using url http://localhost:9090.


Kubectl port-forwarding can be used to connect to alertmanager server without exposing the service.

kubectl port-forward svc/prometheus-kube-prometheus-alertmanager -n monitoring 9093:9093

The alertmanger server can then be accessed using url http://localhost:9093.

Testing alerts

Create prometheus rule for an alert when container memory use is above 80%.

kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bhuwanupadhyay/kubernetes-lab/main/notification-using-kube-prometheus-stack/docker-containers.yaml

App Deployment

Let's run foo system application to load N_TIMES of N_BYTES data into the memory.

curl -o foo.raw.yaml https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bhuwanupadhyay/kubernetes-lab/main/notification-using-kube-prometheus-stack/deployment.yaml && \
envsubst < "foo.raw.yaml" > "foo.out.yaml" && rm -rf foo.raw.yaml && \
kubectl apply -f foo.out.yaml

After some time, you will receive notification message on your slack channel and email address that you defined in your configuration for kube-prometheus-stack.